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This set is amazing - great colors and so many ways to use these.

Baby Shower Head Band Station

Wreath for your any room in your house

Bridal Showers

Birthday Parties


Colors for flowers: Vineyard, Hydrangea, Pink Violet, English Rose, Mulberry.

Leaves: Pea Soup


Pick how many sets you need! See quantity box to choose.


Quantity per 1 set:

5 Large Posies - about 1-3/4" in diameter

3 Scallop Button, 3 Mum flowers, 3 Lily Flowers, 2 Pom Flowers - all about 1 - 1-1/2" in diameter

4 Bud stems

4 Flower Pick

3 Itty Bitty Dot Flowers - about 3/4" in diameter

8 smaller leaves

4 larger leaves

2 - 4 sided leaves

4 Vine leaves

Vineyard Felt Flowers Large Posies

  • Fabric
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